Anonymous sent: favourite movies for karasuno, oikawa, bokuto and aone? also would they like watching action movies with their s.o. or would they prefer other genres?

I’ve divided them into several groups:

Bokuto, Sawamura, Nishinoya, Tanaka and Aone would prefer to watch action movies. They’d all enjoy the explosions and smooth catchphrases, muscular heros and a lot of yelling. They’d like a simple storyline that didn’t involve too many confusing turns or too much backtracking. Every single one of them would enjoy watching those kinds of movies because it would take the pressure off their backs, giving them the chance to relax a little and let go of stress that would have built up during the day.

Oikawa, Sugawara and Yamaguchi would be more into drama, tragedy or romance themed movies. They’d truly enjoy a story that built up the emotions, created suspense and perhaps even had a bittersweet ending, giving them something to think about once they’d go to bed. They’d all enjoy movies presenting characters and issues they could relate to in their everyday lives and conclusions they could possibly even learn from or apply to their own problems.

Tsukishima would be heavily into documentaries of any kind. Because Tsukishima isn’t someone who likes to waste his time doing nothing or learning nothing, he’d feel like watching movies of this genre would be heavily educational and worthwhile. He’d especially like documentaries based on samurai/Japanese history or science/dinosaurs.

Hinata and Asahi would prefer something lighthearted, like comedies. They’d want to spend their time in a happy mood and with a good laugh, which would be the main reason they’d enjoy those movies the most. Asahi might be into tragedy/drama movies as well, but since he’d get so emotionally involved he’d be much more pleased with comedies, as they’d sometimes even incorporate the dramatic/romantic aspect.

And last but not least there’d be Kageyama, who would enjoy the horror/thriller genre. He would enjoy the adrenaline rushing through his veins a lot and whenever he felt like there was going to be a jumpscare he’d try to prepare himself mentally for what was to come. Despite Kageyama seeming a little dull at times, he’d still enjoy complex stories and constellations and whenever something shocking would happen in the movie he’d quietly mumble something to himself, for instance, asking “why the hell they’d do that..”

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